Shamrock Botanics Natural Pesticide

Shamrock Botanics Natural Pesticide

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All Purpose Natural Pest Spray. Kids Safe, Pets Safe and Eco Safe. 500ml pack.

*Packed separately from plant orders.

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Eco Friendly Product

100% plant-based and natural, Shamrock Botanics Natural Pesticide is a mixture of Neem Oil, Wood Vinegar, Plant Herbal Extract and Essential Oil.

Odorless and Non-Hazardous

There are no chemical additives in our fertilizers.

Irritates, repels and prevents a wide range of garden and household pests

Useful for mealy bugs, scales, whiteflies, worms, insects etc and even some animals.

Easy Application
  1. Shake Well before use.
  2. Spray over plants and surfaces thoroughly.
  3. Reapply when necessary, bi-weekly as guide or where excessive weathering or cleaning may occur.