Our Story

Stemming from our love for plants and nature, we've embarked on this journey since 2017. With a simple aim to bring nature closer to our living spaces, we've dedicated much of our waking hours working, thinking, and living with plants. 

From our beloved homegrown brand name, Dóro, we've delivered over a thousand plant gifts (and still counting) to first time plant owners and full time home growers alike, surprising and delighting our customers with the most natural gifts - plants.

Putting our passion and know-how together, we've built Bloomspace.co to serve all Malaysians who wish to own a plant, by making it seamless from order to delivery, all at an affordable price.

As each of our plants are carefully selected, potted and hand packed in our innovative packaging, we are certain that our plants will reach you in its best condition, so you may effortlessly put these beauties on display. We are even going one step further by offering a 14-days-guarantee for all plants purchased from us.

Our designer pots are made from 100% biodegradable material as we strive to bring a positive impact to our local community and environment. We’re dedicated to a sustainable environment, this means a responsibility to leave the earth better than we found it—one plant at a time. 

Ultimately, we believe with all our hearts that, indeed, plants make people happy!

the bloomspace team


We would also love to hear about your journey with plants, simply tag us @bloomspace.co or reach us here!