Shamrock Organic Fertilizer

Shamrock Organic Fertilizer

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100% Natural, Plant-Based and Organic. Kids Safe, Pets Safe and Eco Safe. 1kg Pack.

*Packed separately from plant orders.

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Eco Friendly Product

100% Plant-Based and Natural, Shamrock Botanics All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is a mixture of Palm Oil Residue and Functional Activated Microbes (F.A.M.) F.A.M. is a combination of natural organic materials with beneficial microbes to provide the soil with sufficient nutrients while effectively reducing harmful microbes. This process in itself provides your plant with a stronger root system, which allows plants to be more resilient to diseases and healthier long term growth.

Soil Conditioner and Enhancer

Helps repair damaged soil from long exposure to chemical fertilizers from before and helps maintain soil quality for healthier plant growth.

Rich in Trace Element Nutrients

Otherwise known as micronutrients, they are absolutely essential for healthy plant growth. Most chemical fertilizers do not contain these nutrients thus causing stunted, irregular growth in plants.

Contains Water Holding Capacity

Organic matter in our fertilizer has the ability to absorb and hold up to 90% of its weight in water. With these organic matters within our fertilizer, less watering is required.

Erosion Prevention

Increasing soil organic matter from 1% to 3% can reduce soil erosion by 20% to 33% because of increased water infiltration and stable soil aggregated formation cause by the organic matter.

Easy application with no fear of Over-Fertilization