Blast from the Past
Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past

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Classic Houseplant with Nostalgic Toys & Snacks

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This set consists of a classic houseplant, Golden Pothos, that is usually found displayed in our grandparents’ home, whether grown in a pot or in a bowl of water. This super low maintenance, heart shaped leafy vines, captured many sweet memories throughout our childhood days.

It is paired with a specially curated gift box from Bloomspace and Childhood Malaysia; Childhood Memories that holds various treasured toys and sweet treats. Send this set to your childhood friends to remind of your shared carefree days. Or gift this set to your children to start them on this growing journey while passing down the toys you once enjoyed. 

What's Included

Healthy plant in its pot with premium soil + Childhood Memories Giftset
Plant identification card with simple to follow plant care tips
Our pots are 100% biodegradable and comes with a matching saucer
Pot size : 13.5cm diameter x 12.5cm height

Childhood Memories Giftset 

1x Family Card set consists of 4 card games
1x Cartoon card game
1x Batu Seremban set
1x Bestmen Balloon (16pcs pack)
1x Pick Up Stick
1x Flying Disc
5 types snack (Lemon tablet /Haw Flakes/Murakawa/WinPop/Eye Glass) 2pcs each kind