Calathea Peacock
Calathea Peacock
Calathea Peacock
Calathea Peacock
Calathea Peacock

Calathea Peacock

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Size Medium - 45-65 cm tall (including pot)
Difficulty Easy - Relatively low maintenance
Light Low light to partial indirect sunlight
Watering Water to keep soil moist but not soggy wet
Pet Friendly Yes, non-toxic and pet-friendly
Air Cleaner Yes, removes harmful pollutants from air
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The bold, decorative markings of its thin delicate leaves resemble a peacock’s tail, giving its beautiful Calathea its common name. The leaves are pale green with a feathered dark-green line midway to the outside edges of the leaf. New leaves are rolled up and as the emerge with pinkish-red undersides.

This Calathea originates from the tropical rainforests in South America and therefore thrives in consistently moist soil and higher humidity. This non-toxic plant will make a stunning and pet-safe addition to your home.

What's Included

Healthy plant in its pot with premium soil

Plant identification card with simple to follow plant care tips

Our pots are 100% biodegradable and comes with a matching saucer

Pot size : 16cm diameter x 14.5cm height

Calathea Peacock