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Peace Lily

Top plant gift that's easy care and suitable in low light

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Details & Care

Size Large - 45-90cm tall (including pot)
Light Low light to partial indirect sunlight
Watering Keep soil moist but not soggy wet
Pet Friendly No, can cause irritation if consumed
Air Cleaner Yes, removes harmful pollutants from air

What's Included

Healthy plant in its pot with premium soil
Plant identification card with simple to follow plant care tips
Our pots are 100% biodegradable and comes with a matching saucer
Pot size : 22.5cm diameter x 20.5cm height


The Peace Lily boasts of distinctive white blooms that can lasts up to 2 months or more. It is a graceful and lovely houseplant that adds life to any space.

Native to the tropical rainforests of America, Peace Lilies can tolerant low light such as bedrooms or offices, while they aide in purifying the air we breathe, making it a popular choice for indoor.

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    Our innovative packaging allow us to deliver to whole of Peninsular Malaysia, while ensuring your plant arrives in its best condition, without the mess.

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    Your plant is carefully handpotted in our designer pot with proper drainage and a matching saucer, ready for display.

  • 14-Days Guarantee

    Included with a care guide card and real time guidance, we are here to help. We also offer 14-days guarantee for all plants purchased from us.

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